Welcome to Chertsey Museum

The museum for the Borough of Runnymede!

Chertsey Museum

The Cedars, home to Chertsey Museum


We have fine collections, including:

  • history of the Runnymede area
  • local archaeology and history of Chertsey Abbey
  • fine art, decorative art
  • social history including many documents and photographs
  • local clocks
  • the nationally significant Olive Matthews Collection of dress and textiles

Latest events

YAC - Young Archaeology Club - November Session: Crazy Inventions


How have inventions transformed our lives? Recreate your own with things around your house!

People have been problem solving forever, some more successfully than others! We’ll explore...

Home Education session - Ancient Greek Day

22/02/2021 - 23/02/2021
Explore life in ancient greece, dressing up, making ancient greek toys and exploring artefacts....

Home Education session - Clothing through time

Chertsey Museum has a fantastic collection of costume, which you can see in our yearly changing...

Runnymede Remembered

Discover more about the borough during the First World War

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