Elsie Duval's Prison Diary

Whilst in prison Elsie kept a diary of her experiences. She wrote it in blue pencil on 6 sheets of brown prison toilet paper, and it makes harrowing reading. One entry reads

Sunday: After big struggle fed me through throat – pain at heart after – Doctor came back examined me and tried to make me take medicine and after put to bed by wardresses’

The diary is part of the LSE Library Collections, who have kindly allowed us to use their images.

Pages from Elsie Duval’s prison diary record of being forcibly fed during her second term in Holloway prison, 1913. She wrote it with blue pencil on prison toilet paper.

From LSE Library Collections, ref 7HFD/D/33

Grace Evans, Keeper of Costume, has produced a booklet detailing the story of the Englefield Green attack, including additional information and images, which is available to purchase in the museum shop and online.