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Victorians - Homes in the Past

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What was it like to live as a Victorian? Handle real objects and have a go at some of the tasks Victorians had to do.


As well as a choice of activities, you should select which topics you would like us to cover. Lighting, food & cleaning are most often chosen of a KS1 ‘Homes in the Past’ topic while school, jobs for children, & clothing are often chosen for KS2 Victorians but we are happy to vary as you choose. Highlights of local history will be included wherever possible.

Activities may be delivered as a carousel or whole class activity. Museum days include most activities listed, although there can be variations. If there is a topic or activity you particularly wish to focus on please indicate and we will do our best to ensure it is included.

If you would like a strong focus on toys, why not book our toys workshop instead?

Topics Covered:

  • Lighting & heating
  • Food & cooking
  • Cleaning & washing
  • Clothing
  • Jobs for children
  • School
  • Toys

Activities (pick number based on required length of session):

  • Object exploring
  •  Scent of home
  • School: Write with slates
  • School: Write with dip pens
  • Cleaning: Play with cleaning tools
  • Toys: Make a thaumatrope
  • Toys: Parlour games
  • Basic embroidery - Cross-stitch
  • Clothing: Whole class dress in pinafores/waistcoats - Museum only
  • Trail through museum galleries - Museum only
  • Make a doll from a dolly peg - Museum only


Workshop Length Max. Class No. No. of Activities
1 hr 1 Object exploring & 3 topics
1 hr 30 mins 1 3-4 topics & 3 activities
2 hrs 1 Up to 6 topics & 4 activities
Museum All Day 1 All topics.Activities - pick 2 from choice of crosstitch, peg dolls or silk cards. All other activites included


Cost (ex mileage):

Workshop Length 1 Workshop 2 Workshops 3 Workshops 4 Workshops
1 hr £60 £85 £110 £130
1 hr 30 mins* £75 £120 £160 X
2 hrs £85 £140 £185 X
Museum All Day £160 X X X

*most popular options

Additional Information:

  • Mileage is calculated from Chertsey Museum via Google Maps® routes. Charges are: 0-5 miles £5.00; 5-10 miles £10.00; 10-15 miles £30.00; 15-20 miles £45.00
  • Museum visits include any length of time workshops plus time to explore the museum.
  • For one class at a time in the museum, maximun 32 children.
  • Prices are correct at time of going to print in April 2021 and apply from September 2021. Please check our website for up-to-date prices: 
  • Additional COVID-19 regulations may apply to allow us to visit your school safely, please see our website for any additional measures.
  • Cost listed for 2021/2022 academic year

£10 discount on overall booking costs for schools with membership


Booking Workshops

Initial Enquiry

Please complete the enquiry form as the initial stage of booking a workshop at school or at the museum. If you would rather discuss your requirements with the Education Officer, or would like to join our schools membership scheme, please telephone on 01932 565764, or email  [email protected]

Workshops at the Museum

Please note that for workshops at the museum we recommend that you visit before bringing your group so that you can familiarlise yourself with the facilities, although a risk assessment is sent with all booking conformations. Lunch is eaten in the education room, or in the museum garden if the weather permits. The museum has 2 unisex public toilets, one of which is adapted for wheelchair use and the museum has flat access throughout. Your group can use the museum shop, or if you prefer, pre-arranged "goody bags" can be ordered, details of which will be sent with your booking confirmation.

Workshops at School

Our workshops deliverer will aim to arrive at school at least 30 minutes before the start of the session at set up in advance. Some of the workshops we offer involve the transportation of a large number of artefacts and props so if a parking space near to the venue can be reserved that would be extremely helpful. Please notify us if there is not flat access to the classroom where the session is to take place.