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Dissolution of the Monasteries

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Loan Box 4

If you are studying the Tudors it is worth borrowing this  box to discover why Henry VIII closed down Chertsey Abbey.  It can also be used if you are looking at the Vikings, as they attacked the Abbey killing ninety of the monks.

  • Spout and part of green glazed dish
  • Abbey tile with triangular design
  • Abbey tile with square design
  • Abbey tile with winged creature
  • Abbey tile with Bishop’s head
  • 3 Abbey tiles spelling ‘GOD”
  • Medieval roof tile
  • 15th century pee-pot
  • Medieval money box
  • Pilgrim's badge of King Henry VI
  • Black wool material (as worn by monks)
  • Book: "Focus on Chertsey Abbey"
  • Book: "Arthurian and Knightly Art"
  • Map of Chertsey Abbey, 1484
  • 2 x manuscript images of monks
  • Book: "Why Did Henry VIII marry six times?"
  • Book: "Henry VIII & His Six Wives"
  • Book: "Investigating History - The Tudors"
  • Rosary
  • 4 coins of Henry VII and VIII

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The loan box service has fully resumed. As the museum is now open to the public boxes can be dropped off (between 11.00am & 12.30pm) and collected (between 1pm and 3.30pm) on Saturdays with no need to book a time slot. 

Normal terms and conditions for the loan box system apply.


Loan Boxes Terms and Conditions

School membership includes free use of a range of Loan Boxes and Resource Boxes. Loan boxes contain original artefacts as well as replicas, whereas resource boxes only contain replicas.

To borrow museum resources schools first have to join the membership scheme. If you book and collect a resource without being a member you are agreeing to become a member and your school will automatically be invoiced for the annual membership fee.

Loan Box and Recourse pack rules

  • Each school may borrow up to TWO loan boxes for ONE WEEK at a time. Loans may be extended for a second week only at the time of collection (if it is availble). 
  • Schools may not book both loan boxes of the same topic at the same time e.g. Toys (a) and Toys (b) to ensure fair availability to all schools.
  • Box loans are from 12:45pm on Saturday to 12:30pm on the Saturday of return. Loan boxes can be picked up on Saturday afternoons after 12:45 and must be returned Saturday morning between 11am -12:30pm.
  • Pick up and return outside of these times is by prior arrangement only. Boxes can be collected and returned anytime during our opening hours, but please allow 15 minutes before closing. Please phone or email to arrange this.
  • If you have any problems about delivery or collection, please telephone the museum immediately.
  • Loan boxes contain original artefacts and replicas, whereas resource boxes only contain replicas.
  • Boxes must never be left unattended in a vehicle.
  • Boxes are most easily booked online via your school’s login details and are available on a first-­come, first-served basis.
  • Charge for late return of boxes/packs: £25 Missing item from boxes/packs: £10 per day. Charges for lost or damaged items is based on the value of the object and the cost of repair/replacement.
  • While we endeavour to keep the content of loan boxes as depicted on the following pages, we reserve the right to change them.