Temporary Exhibitions

Chertsey Abbey: reimagined

4 April to 2 November 2019

This new exhibition looks at the history of Chertsey Abbey from its foundation in 666 to its dissolution in 1537.  The exhibition features loans from The National Archive in Kew of abbey related documents which are rarely seen by the public.

Also on view is a new 3D computer model showing how Chertsey Abbey may have looked in 1362 during its heyday.  The model has been created using archaeological reports, comparisons with contemporary buildings, educated guesswork and artistic license!  As well as a 2 minute “fly-over” film giving an overview of the model, there are an animated abbey time line and two games on an abbey theme. Designed by James Cumper, the computer project has been financed by the Friends of Chertsey Museum with the generous support of County Councillor Mark Nuti and Neil Taylor & Paul Blake of World Cargo Logistics Ltd.

In its 14th century heyday Chertsey Abbey was the fifth largest monastery in the country.  However, over the decades since its dissolution in 1537 the building has gradually disappeared.  This exhibition gives visitors an appreciation of Chertsey’s most famous building, which is no longer to be seen.

Home Improvements

The development of the English Country House

13 July to 14 March 2020

Mention “country houses” to most people in this country and the chances are they will imagine something along the lines of Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs or Brideshead Revisited - the Victorian and Edwardian golden age of shooting parties and croquet on the lawn. However, the country house was more than a place of entertainment; it was a symbol of power which has its origins in medieval baronial allegiances.


This new exhibition looks at a few of the changes to the English country house over the past seven centuries and details the history of some of the local power houses in the Borough of Runnymede.